Your Friends & Family Can't Possibly Understand The Sacrifice and Effort You've Made To Build Your Cleaning Company

Based on my experience, the typical cleaning company - and it doesn't matter if you are a maid service serving homeowners or a janitorial business cleaning commercial properties - has so many moving parts and people it's tiresome to run.

  1. Beat the owner to death with constant pressure and stress.
  2. Make vacations nearly impossible most of the year.
  3. Run the owner's life.
  4. Have frequent cash flow problems.
  5. Are constantly subject to low ball competitor's bids.
  6. Do not produce true wealth and are not sellable when the owner eventually wants to sell.
  7. Don't pay the owner nearly enough money for all their work, risk and headaches.

In most cases, the owner is so incredibly busy that the service and quality level is never as good as she wants it to be.

As a result, employees & contractors are rarely managed at the level needed, customers and leads don’t always get a call back as fast as they should, proposals are delivered late, and estimate are not precise.

Worse yet, the books are behind, collections are a frustrating nightmare, invoices go out late, the paperwork required for each employee/contractor isn’t being gathered, and there is simply to much email and to many to dos to keep up.

...there is just way too much

to keep up with and stay in control of!

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There Is a Much Better and Much Easier Way

I've been an owner/partner in multiple service companies ranging from commercial janitorial to carpet cleaning to lawn care.

I've made some really good decisions and plenty of bad ones.

The bad decisions forced me to learn marketing and to take a hard look at our technology, people and the way I, as the owner, was managing the company.

I've learned out working everyone else doesn't result in success.

We want to take all of our experience (good and bad) and help you grow your business into something of significance.

For you, that might be a small business that nets you 5k a month, runs like clockwork and gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Or, it might be an company of-size that makes you a millionaire many times over. A business that has a management team, systems and structure to ensure smooth operations when you're on vacation or out of the office spending extended time periods with family.

We believe the four most critical areas to focus on are 1) Awesome People 2) Marketing that Works 3) Superior Technology and 4) Cashflow.

For ideas and tips regarding #1, 2 and 4 consider reading our blog. As crazy as it sounds also consider checking out the Lawn Care Millionaire blog. Though not directly related to the cleaning industry, the 300+ videos apply more than you might guess.

I've personally found that swiping ideas from other industries leads to break-throughts.

In the video above I explain that we are not guys that owned a cleaning company and hired contract programmers to build a software product for the industry.

We understand technology. There are 13 people on our development team. All work in Plano, TX office.

We have spent millions of dollars building Service Autopilot.

The only reason I say this and it should matter to you is because I want to convey how dedicated we are to this.

Based on my experience running service companies – knowing how hard it is, understanding the bottlenecks and why so few companies ever grow past 1 million per year – we became absolutely certain a software solution that could run your entire business was desperately needed.

The one system to run your entire business software concept is claimed by many yet delivered by NONE.

And that includes us.

To be clear, hundreds of companies only use SA and nothing else. But hundreds if not a 1000 of our clients still use QuickBooks, Excel and miscellaneous marketing tools.

Yet, after 5 years of development I remain as convinced as ever that what we are building is what you must have to accomplish your business goals.Get Tour & Pricing Now

Why The '1 System To Run Your Business' Philosophy Is Your Ticket

7000 of your colleague and competitors use Service Autopilot daily.

They do so because Service Autopilot handles so much. It reduces the need for multiple disconnected systems. Other software companies claim to have the very same features Service Autopilot offers; yet, few, if any, have built the level of detail and capability our features contain.

This is critical.

If two systems claim to schedule for the cleaning industry yet one is a glorified Google Calendar and the other is highly sophisticated. How do you know which company just built a feature and which put in 100's of hours refining it so it is intuitive and will save your team hours per day.

Every software company claims a similar feature set. We are spending the time and money to build very advanced functionality.

We are not perfect, we do not have every feature you need, we’ve learned some of the features we have are not good enough for you… they need to be better.

We are moving fast, listening to every concern, complaint and feature request.

As a result, we are frequently told our technology is far ahead of everyone else.

Again, why should you care… because you 1) don’t want to change systems in two years because you bet on the wrong company and 2) you don’t want to get left behind in your market because your competitors are using superior technology?

Technology matters like it never has before in the service industry.

I believe that within 5 years any company not using technology like what is coming from Service Autopilot will be severely handicapped and will not be able to compete.

If our strategy and beliefs line up with yours please take our tour and see if Service Autopilot might be your best solution today and five years from now.

We hope to be part of your future.

Jonathan Pototschnik
CEO & Co-founder

Change Your Business. Change Your Life.

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